About Me

I have a 20 year career in high pressure, corporate sales environments including managing national teams. My journey to be a therapist started with my natural non-judgemental curiosity for what makes people tick, and witnessing the growth of individuals when they are allowed to naturally flourish, it also made a huge impact on my success as a people manager.  I believe that each person is an individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to assisting people, particularly when it comes to therapy. Each person’s situation and the way they respond to it is unique, understanding how and why we respond to varying circumstances is the key to making the changes that enable us to live freer and better lives.

I am a volunteer counsellor with ACON (AIDS Council Of NSW) providing affordable therapy to members of the LGBTQI community.

Finding the right therapist can be difficult. I bring many qualities to the sessions including integrity, warmth, confidentiality, empathy and the ability to listen to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. My experience in life and in counselling is rich and varied, I draw on my life experiences to inform the counselling process and facilitate growth.

I value and understand the diversities within our society and I work within a non-discriminatory framework and without judgement. I welcome and have worked with people from many different backgrounds respecting every individual’s identity, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, ethnicity, age or disability.


0488 777 568



Redfern: 207/59 Great Buckingham St

Crows Nest: 201/308 Pacific Highway.